Newborn Baby and its Hungry Brain!!

A newborn baby is born with the most curious brain and has already begun its journey toward brain development right from its mother’s womb.
Conventionally most parents think that they will plan their baby’s education from Pre-schooling which happens at approximately 3 years of age.    
However, science and research have proven otherwise. Baby’s brain development is at its peak right from birth till they are 3 years of age.  
To achieve this, the most famous and influential tool is Flashcards. Flashcards are so effective that even students who pursue higher education use them to the fullest. 

A simple ‘Google Search’ will provide good insights, but if you still want more answers and especially from a parenting point of view. We recommend you click on the link below.

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For your benefit and understanding, this course is divided into 7 separate modules. 

Learn the most relevant categories of Flashcards that are effective from the early years. This course will introduce and further explain the importance of each such category that will help you choose the right flashcards for your child. Furthermore, it will also let you know how they will shape your child's future. 

With the understanding of various categories of Flashcards and their benefits, this course will discuss various important elements that constitute an effective flashcard. There are various options in the market but this course will enlighten you on why and how one has to choose the right flashcard.

The first course tells us why custom flashcards are important. Custom flashcards are also a fun activity and also suitable for those parents who aren't able to purchase flashcards. This course is an amalgamation of DIY as well as Science and research. 

Flashcards are effective only when used properly. This course will shed light on how to complete the flashcard demonstration process. With this understanding, your child will truly enjoy and learn from Flashcards. 

Now that we have all the information we need regarding Flashcards, this course will prepare you on various steps that constitute a good Flashcard Learning session. This breakdown of such a session ensures that we don’t miss out on important elements of our session.

This is probably the most important course as it discusses real-life hindrances that most parents face while conducting an effective Flashcard training session. You will find most such scenarios and their solutions here.

This course discusses in detail the in-depth science behind Flashcards. For your better understanding, we have simplified this and shared valid examples which will guide you better.

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